For How Many Years is an NFT Entitlement valid.
Travel Vouchers valid for 3 to 5 years, which we turn into NFTs and resell at a profit.
What is Travel Token?
The $TRVL token is a cryptocurrency Alt Coin that will be sold on the Binance Smart Chain and is used to fund purchasing Travel entitlements. 
What will be the value of the token at launch?
The actual price will depend on factors related to the launchpad we work with, but our target price at launch will be $0.12
How to purchase $TRVL token?
The Token will be available on Pancakeswap on Launch and available on private sale Waitlist at Travel Futures Token Invest in Tourism Recovery by Pandemic Pricing
If I have a hotel or experience, Why Should I Join The Travel Futures Club?
Many Hospitality property owners or Tourism Experience providers are finding it hard to make ends meet during the Pandemic and this system can GET YOU MONEY NOW for providing accommodations or experiences later. And even if you provide a very low cost, statistically, about 43% will never use the entitlements
How does travel Futures make Profit?
4 ways to make profit:
  1. Buy Travel entitlements at pandemic pricing and sell at higher prices as tourism returns (these will be at minimum 5x) as the pandemic subsides, pandemic pricing will be replaced with extrema luxury related experiences that are in less demand or are in excess supply
  2. Each transition will be charge $3.50 whether it is buy, sell, or trade
  3. Travel futures will also invest in tourism projects that have extreme potential buy may have run out of funding during the pandemic. These investments will be negotiated to supply returns no less than quarterly once in operation.
  4. Disaster relief – there may be many natural disasters in the future that may affect high value tourist destinations which will create opportunities to support various businesses till they get back on their feet
How do Hotels and Experiences Benefit?
Besides the social impact of rehiring staff since many of the employees have been without work for close a year, accommodations and experiences can start doing required maintenance to be ready for tourism as it slowly returns. Additionally, Travel Futures will be doing lots of advertising and partners will be getting lots of personalized exposure that will set them apparat from others in the same space. And, if and when entitlements are redeemed, travellers usually upgrade or add people or buy lots F&B

How do NFT Entitlement holders Profit?
as tourism returns, the value of the NFT entitlements increase because tourism prices edge up to eventually reach the standard price or higher, since people are dying to get out. Members can buy Tourism Related Entitlements at up to 90% discounts which leaves lots of room for profit
Give an Example of it
For Example, the average Ocean Side Villa at the Bulgari Resort Bali was approximately USD6000 in 2019 and currently sells for approximately USD870. Travel Futures Club can buy and hold the voucher. When tourism returns in full, the value of the voucher will be $6000, so even if Travel Futures Club Sells to its Members at USD5000 Travel Futures has made a profit of over 5x on this high-value property.
Is there a minimum amount to purchase $TRVL token?
There is no minimum to keep but there is a minimum if you want to stake and earn travel rewards. Staking however has different tears
  • Traveler — 1,000 token stake
  • Vacationer — 3,000 token stake
  • Explorer — 5,000 token stake
  • Jetsetter — 10,000 token stake
What Exactly Travel Token will do?
The $TRVL token will fund the NFT entitlements at their lowest value so as tourism returns, each of these NFT’s increases in value from 5x to 12x and are sold at a profit. Most of this profit is then used to create additional liquidity for the token so the token value increases.
What is the Travel futures Ecosystem?
Travel Futures is not just about getting cheap deals on Hotels or earning as the tourism industry returns… it is about Lifestyle. Those who are in the Cryptocurrency game are by nature early adopters and have a streak of a digital nomad in them. Travel is part of the lifestyle, where work, play, and enjoying life is intermingled… it also allows you to pool resources with other members to get Extreme Luxury Experiences.
How do you chose which entitlements to buy and resell?
We look for established properties or providers with inherent value of 5x to 12x discount based on Bulk pandemic pricing.
How does holding an NFT Entitlement make members money?
NFT Entitlements value incrementally reaches its inherent 5x to 12x value as Tourism returns. Members buy Entitlements at “Market Price” with Fiat or Crypto funds (Additional discounts are given for using the TRVL Token).
How can I see my tokens in the website?
When you will register your account will be created, then you can simply just login and you can see your tokens. You also have an option to connect your current crypto wallet like Metamask and Trust Wallet.