GET PAID NOW for Accommodation or Experience Fulfilment in the Future

Many Hospitality property owners or Tourism Experience providers are finding it hard to make ends meet during the Pandemic.

At Travel Futures Club we have found a way to GET YOU MONEY NOW for providing accommodations or experiences later.

Tourism has come to a standstill, but it WILL come back… we just don’t know when… it seems that just when they are going to open… something happens and they change the dates Again! Many are running out of the income sources to maintain their properties, equipment, and their lives.

Travel Futures Club has structured a system that will allow you to convert your Future Tourism Asset into secure Digital Assets that can be bought, sold and traded for each property or experience registered with us. These digital “NFT Entitlements” are based on a secure cryptocurrency token that cannot be copied.

Joining as an accommodation partner with us includes numerous other benefits which you wouldn’t want to miss:

  1. We are working with a small group of high profile and 5 star rated partners only which means our advertising improves your brand and increases odds of travellers purchasing from you instead of your competition.
  2. Joining us gives you and your business a cushion in these hard times of pandemic by providing you an income that can help your business sustain and recover from the losses suffered in pandemic times.
  3. Getting the liquidity in these hard times when everything in tourism is undervalued up to 80%, will support you with maintaining your property and staff.
  4. By partnering with us your hotel or your property will get the promotion worldwide getting you customers from around the world.
  5. The vouchers for partner hotels or property are based on safe and secure blockchain technology so these vouchers cannot be copied.
  6. The vouchers must be good for 3 to 5 years (the earliest expiration date will be September 2024) depending on what option you choose. Statistically, the longer people have to use their voucher, the easier is for them to forget about it. An average of 43% of promotional hotel vouchers given in 2017 through various hotel marketing agencies were never used.
  7. Travelers still need to travel based on your availability. And they will eventually still make a reservation. This reservation can include penalties for not showing up.
  8. Money you make now can be invested back into the property or keeping high performing employees.
  9. Because we buy your vouchers in advance, there is no risk to you. Even if we do not sell them, you still received the money.
  10. All the processes that are followed by Travel Futures Club are secure, so you don’t have to worry about it.

How to join us:

  1. Go to (add URL from Dedy), and register your property as a partner.
  2. Upload the price and information about your property or experience.
  3. Indicate types and number of vouchers you want to sell us.
  4. Add images and descriptions of your property.
  5. Submit for review.

If your property or experience meet the criteria, we will create unique digital NFT Entitlements for you(these cannot be copied), sign the contract, and send you the money.

Why You Should Join as a Partner?

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