Profit and make a Social Impact with Galileo and Global Culture Thought Leader, Arthur Carmazzi

The hotel and tourism industry has suffered by up to 82%. Many high-quality accommodations and experiences have closed or are barely getting by. This creates 2 huge opportunities

  1. An opportunity for high profits. Stays in exclusive hotel properties is a valuable commodity that is currently UNDER VALUED up to 80% due to the pandemic. And therefore, as the pandemic subsides this commodity will drastically increase in value.
  2. An opportunity for social responsibility. The effect of revenue loss in the travel industry not only affects the business owners but the employees and employees’ families. This will support hotel staff to maintain their jobs until the pandemic subsides.
New Coin

The $TRVL Token

How You can benefit

  • Buy Tokens on the Binance Smart Chain Used to acquire Super Discounted Hotel and Experience Entitlements with a Minimum of 3 Years Validity.

  • A portion of the Allocations is used to invest in Tourism projects that have a minimum of 3:1 potential but were affected by the Pandemic and need capital to progress.

  • As tourism returns, the value of the Entitlements increases according to what the market pays.

  • When Galileo sells NFT Entitlements, a portion of those profits is used to buy back Tokens and remove them from distribution

  • The Galileo Family is a Community available to all stakers for making friends and doing business
  • Different levels also get free hotel stays allocated by the Hotel Partners.

  • Elite Galileo Club members who have minimum token stakes will get exclusive NFT Tickets to travel to exotic places and Mastermind with Arthur Carmazzi and other High Profile guests.


Galileo Travel NFT's The Futures of Tourism on The Blockchain



Galileo Travel


Income Model

Support and Benefit from a Pandemic Ridden Travel Industry with Future Claimable NFT Entitlements


Token Distribution
Price and Funds Raised

The Locations for vouchers and investment will be in line with the Forbes:

Why this will work

Buy low, sell high

Tourism has been drastically hit according to an UNWTO study, and hotels, villas and attractions NEED to survive so they are willing to allocate limited amounts of Future Vouchers for their star properties to get liquidity now. Having this stock of Holiday vouchers/entitlements purchased at a low price is a commodity that will be affected as market conditions change and tourism increases.

A majority of experts sees a rebound in international tourism in 2021, in particular by the third quarter 2021, while around 20% expects it to occur only in 2022. The time to move on this trend is now. The more Travel Vouchers we buy now, the more we can sell until 2023

When will tourism return? With various barriers, and an estimate that 2022 will only recover 50% of the global market… there is still time to get Great Deals and build a regular stream of income over the next 5 years selling the vouchers purchased between now and 2022… Plus the ownership rewards that keep going when tourism is back in full force.



  • Hire Blockchain Developers
  • Whitepaper
  • Feedback and collaboration from early investors
  • Establish voucher contacts with hotel, villa and travel experience partners in Bali


  • Additional partnerships with theme parks and attractions to offer on
  • Build out and promote the Travel Future FAMILY Community pages for interaction with other Members and Stakers
  • Cross marketing contracts with accommodation and experience partners
  • Increasing investment in accommodation, travel experiences, and tourism investments identified with most potential, adding on Maldives, Dubai, Rome, Spain, and Mexico
  • Continued business operations
  • Increase Marketing efforts to YouTube for Travel Entitlement sales


  • Continue to sign crazy and unique luxury experiences and identifying unique destinations
  • Introduce a NEW Unique Location Marketing service by giving away NFT Entitlements to the network a#
  • Continue the PR and advertising
  • Identify new opportunities as they appear
  • Launch Galileo Flash Travel App


  • Setting up staking and profit payment system to facilitate consumers, members, stakers, and other stakeholders
  • Conducting a private AMA
  • Carrying out private pre-sale of the TRVL token to early investors to raise funds for MVP
  • Launching marketing campaigns for TRVL token
  • Conducting a public AMA
  • Striking strategic partnerships to develop a support ecosystem around TRVL project
  • Incorporating FIO Protocol to create Personalized Wallet addresses and Personalize NFT Signing for Partner security
  • Initiating priority initiatives for improving the system
  • Purchasing travel and experience entitlements and investing in selected projects identified with most profit potential focusing on Bali


  • Integrating membership where members pay monthly but can buy travel vouchers at original price +15%
  • Expanding holding through identifying and investing in depressed tourism-related (or have tourism potential i.e. overstock of serviced apartments in NYC) assets.
  • Adding more destinations and experiences
  • PR about how many businesses and jobs we have saved investigation into tourism related surpluses in depressed luxury markets
  • Create a launchpad for Tourism related projects
  • Complete BETA of Galileo Flash Travel App


  • Initial DEX Offering in BSC Starter
  • Drafting and issuing token holders’ asset report
  • Advertising and launching retail site in North America
  • Building more cross promotional partnerships with AirBnB,, and to enhance value proposition
  • Delivering first payout to the staked token holders
  • Framework for Galileo Flash Travel App
  • Increasing investment in accommodation, travel experiences, and tourism investments identified with most potential, adding on
  • Thailand, Mecca SA, Malaysia, and Turkey
  • Adding the celebrity, millionaire mastermind with Arthur Carmazzi in exotic locations to the staking reward pool
  • Adding the lottery for stakers to win high-end experiences like private jet rides and celebrity masterminds


  • Launch Galileo Flash Travel App to select group for BETA Testing
  • Once we have the PR we should be able to entice official partnerships with organizations like Airbnb and to increase the entitlement base exponentially
  • Introduce new locations
  • Introduce new celebrity masterminds and the Millionaire Jetsetter club
  • Introduce Complete Family NFT Vacations

Introduction Video with Arthur Carmazzi