$TRVL Token Private Sale

Congratulations on being Whitelisted for the private token sale please complete the KYC and express the Token Amount Allocation Requested in USDT

Token allocations in this Private sale will be the lowest available before the launch which will be issued at $0.125. We are currently working out the details with BSC Starter for this launch. The allocation from the pre-sale will be distributed from the PARTNER allocation to ensure integrity in the launch and maintain integrity in the tokenomics (Please see token information here The $TRVL Token – Travel Future Club (travelfutures.club).

Participants in the private sale are only allowed ONE Allocation and the total amount of combined allocations from all participants will be capped at $50,000, once the cap is reached, additional applications will be rejected.



  1. Fill out your KYC at https://www.formpl.us/form/1950346246 and include the amount of allocation you wish to have (create a 4 digit PIN for security)
  2. Assuming there is not a problem with your KYC, you will receive an Email that includes your PIN number with payment instructions – We will NEVER send an email that does not include the PIN you have set
  3. You will pay for the allocation in USDT to the address provided on the BEP20 main net. The payment deadline is April 1 at UTC 11pm
  4. Launch details will be provided to you via email and the Telegram group

Pre-sale FAQ:

What will the pre-sale funds be used for?
The goal is to attract high-profile Partners in Bali like Bvlgari resort, Kapinsky hotel, Hellocopter charters, and so on to start with a minimum viable product BEFORE we launch to generate high confidence with the market since most blockchain projects are not at this stage yet. So we will be using the funds to attract high-level Blockchain tech talent to our team, as well as purchase a small number of vouchers in Bali to create NFTs and populate the website to make it functional…
What portion of the tokenomics do the allocations come from?
Allocations come from the “Team and Partners” section (you can see it here The $TRVL Token – Travel Future Club (travelfutures.club)
What is the token address?
The address of the token will only be released just before launch to prevent bots and keep a Fair Launch
Why are the allocations limited to a maximum of $1000
We want to make this as fair as possible and give everyone a chance to participate. Because we are capping the pre-sale to $120,000, one person could take all and leave nothing for smaller investors who actually need the money more than the whales.
What will be the value of the token at the Pre-sale?
Our target price for pre-sale will be $0.10, $0.11 for the pre-launch allocations, and $0.12 for the launch
How long will pre-sale to launchpad sale take?
The Pre-sale funds are to Accelerate the launch. When getting Partners with an initial $40,000 investment in their properties, things get done faster… and the site development with more experienced Blockchain programmers with deadline bonuses will get us going faster. So we anticipate the launch should be on June 7 with an actual product
How do NFT Entitlement holders Profit?
as tourism returns, the value of the NFT entitlements increase because tourism prices edge up to eventually reach the standard price or higher, since people are dying to get out. Members can buy Tourism Related Entitlements at up to 90% discounts which leaves lots of room for profit
What Exactly Travel Token will do?
The $TRVL token will fund the NFT entitlements at their lowest value so as tourism returns, each of these NFT’s increases in value from 5x to 12x and are sold at a profit. Most of this profit is then used to create additional liquidity for the token so the token value increases.

What if the launch is delayed?
Because time is a factor in the business… Getting the huge discounts and caring the vouchers over 3 to 5 years requires us to start ASAP, we would rather get a reputable but lesser launchpad soon, than wait for 2 months to get the best one. So our goal is to balance the power of the launchpad with the time required to launch.
Where are you doing your KYC and where will you keep the finds straight after pre sale?
KYC will be done at https://www.formpl.us/form/1967376001 Funds will be kept and distributed from a Binance Exchange address
When will the private sale receive their tokens
20% of Tokens will be received 1 hour prior to launch and the other 50% will be released 10% per week
Where will I receive my Tokens?
Tokens will be distributed to the BEP20 address you use in the KYC.
What wallets can i use for the BEP20?
there are many, the most popular are Metamask and Trustwallent
is this a utility token?
yes, the token is used to give more discounts on NFT vouchers and for those who Stake the token, they will receive travel rewards and special allocations
How does travel Futures make Profit?
4 ways to make profit: 1. Buy Travel entitlements at pandemic pricing and sell at higher prices as tourism returns (these will be at minimum 5x) as the pandemic subsides, pandemic pricing will be replaced with extrema luxury related experiences that are in less demand or are in excess supply 2. each transition will be charge $3.50 whether it is buy, sell, or trade 3. Travel futures will also invest in tourism projects that have extreme potential buy may have run out of funding during the pandemic. These investments will be negotiated to supply returns no less than quarterly once in operation. 4. Disaster relief – there may be many natural disasters in the future that may affect high value tourist destinations which will create opportunities to support various businesses till they get back on their feet
Is there a minimum amount to purchase $TRVL token?
There is no minimum to keep but there is a minimum if you want to stake and earn travel rewards. Staking however has different tears
In the Private Sale, What portion of the tokenomics do the allocations come from?
Allocations come from the “Team and Partners” section (you can see it here The $TRVL Token – Travel Future Club (travelfutures.club)


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